Friday, 29 November 2013

Flashback Friday: The Seventh

doctor who

Still in the Doctor Who spirit I will share yet another Doctor Who related story.

Summer 2011 I was doing a cake decorating internship at a local bakery and there I made two very good friends. Very similar to my Disney internship the following year, I went in with this obsession for Doctor Who that no one understood and I left with many people obsessed with it.

I'm not entirely sure how it really started but my two friends at the bakery were Emily and Marci, both geeks and both lots of fun to work with.

They started watching the show and that was a lot of what we would talk about at work. Eventually we started hanging out on weekends and have mini Doctor Who marathons and it always involved carrots, celery, hummus, and one time we made bacon brownies and another I made us butterbeer.

There are two instances I wish to tell you about.

The first story happened at work. Emily came in around 8 in the morning while Marci and I started work at 4:30 in the morning. We did all the morning prep before the bakery opened along with one or two other people. One morning I think there was just four of us opening and one was out front putting cakes in the display and Marci was in the pantry.

KEEP CALM  AND CARRY  A SONIC SCREWDRIVERMarci had recently gotten a 10th Doctor sonic screwdriver and I always had mine on me (because it was also a pen) and I decided to scare her so while she was in the pantry so I hid to the side. We had this challenge where we liked to 'sonic' each other when the time was appropriate. I thought this was an appropriate time since no one was really around, I just didn't expect the reaction I got.

Marci walked out of the pantry and that was when I jumped out in front of her and 'sonic'ed her. She screamed bloody murder.

I really didn't expect her to scream so loudly and jump out of her skin. It was hilarious but it 'up'ed our sonic screwdriver war, though I am glad to say she never got me back quite as badly as I did her.

The second story still involves Marci and this time it brings in her awesome roommate. When we would watch some episodes at her place her roommate occasionally joined us and he was a big Doctor Who fan as well.

I was bored so I drew two weeping angel drawings: one of a regular weeping angel and the other of a creepy weeping angel. I gave them to Marci and she smirked with an evil idea.

Apparently, her roommate's brother was coming to stay with them for a weekend and he was a fan of the show as well. So when he came, that night after he fell asleep, she and her roommate taped the pictures up in the bathroom and at some point in the night, they heard his brother scream in fright at being scared by drawings. Marci couldn't stop laughing as she told me what happened the next day.

Both amusing stories and I really miss those two. We all moved away from each other and once in a while keep in touch with each other. Whenever I watch Pyramids of Mars I remember them because we watched that together and one scene where the mummies squished a guy between their chests we had to watch again and again because it was too hysterical.

Mummies from Pyramids of Mars


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