Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Fowl Fantastic Face Off Finale

Syfy's Face Off season five has now come to an end and  I don't really know what to look forward too on Tuesdays. I love this show and have been watching since the first season. It has inspired me to look into make up and special effects make up beyond just costumes. The amount of talent and the different characters created on this show has been amazing and inspiring.

I even used this character from the Burton-esque episode on season 2 created by Rayce to help me with my concept for costume designs for Marriage of Figaro.

This season they switched things up and instead of introducing us to a whole new set of artists they decided to make this season newbies versus veterans. It was great to see so many of my favourite veterans return and I couldn't wait to see what they would come up with but there lies the problem. Because they brought back so many amazing veterans, I didn't care about getting to know the newbies because no one in my mind would be better than Roy, RJ, Tate, and definitely Laura. Laura is my all time favourite from all the seasons. She had me at how much Star Wars knowledge she had during her first challenge.
laura-works-on-her-alien-creation-face-off-season-three-syfy --   love her she almost won but, she still has a promising career very talented Face Off Live Laura Finalist Gallery | Gallery | Face Off | Syfy

I always felt during her season that she wasn't recognized enough for what a good job she did. Most of her make ups were amazing and shone above others yet she didn't start winning till towards the end of the season.


I was thrilled to see her come back as a veteran for this season and even more happy that she finally was getting a lot of the recognition that she deserved. I do feel that this season she has shown improvement since her first time on the show in season three, which is partially why she she had been winning a lot more challenges.

But there were others that I was rooting for as well. I was sad to see RJ go so early in the season since he was always a favourite with unique and fun make ups. In the finale are Tate and Roy, two favourites from their respective seasons and them plus Laura in the finale made me not care terribly who wins in the end, though I was leaning towards Laura.

For the final challenge they had to take the story of the popular ballet Swan Lake and create two characters: the Sorcerer and the Princess; who would then dance ballet with a dance inspired by the story. Originally the story takes place in the middle ages, but with inspiration from the recent film Black Swan taking place in modern times the artists then had to choose a time period.

Laura had Italian Renaissance.


Roy had Ming Dynasty.


Tate had Industrial Revolution.

Each one's final production was amazing and then danced in what I believe to be Face Off's best season finale presentation ever. It was amazing and I intend to watch it again, and possibly again. What helps is that in past season finale performances there was always one set of make ups that were not up to par with the others, but this time around each one was spectacular and clearly reflected their time periods and were well made. I really felt sorry for the judges in having to decide who would win because for once when Glenn Hetrick said "This is the tightest race we've had on the show to date" it wasn't just him being nice or whatever, I believed him because the evidence was in the make up.

In the end they did make a decision and our new winner is LAURA!

I very loudly screamed 'yes' with a fist pump when they said her name and am still grinning like a Cheshire cat as I type this. The other two artists were amazing, it really could have gone to anyone and I would have been happy but the fact that Laura won and finally got all of the recognition that she deserves.

New season of Face Off premieres January 14th at 9 and from the preview, apparently it is going to be intense.


You can see all of Laura's designs for the past season here.

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