Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween Costumes Everywhere

I am so happy October is done.

Every year I look forward to October: the pumpkins, the horror movies, the costumes, the scary attractions- I love everything about October. But that also means midterms and lots of school work and then I offered to make costumes for others for Halloween so literally no time for much of anything else.

I love to make costumes so I was happy to make them for everyone and I did, it just took the time out of my own Halloween costume.

Back in August, I believe, I planned to make Elsa from Disney's new movie Frozen and I got about halfway through all the detailing before I decided to put it aside and complete all of my commissions.

Elsa - frozen Photo

 The sleeves still need to some major work, and after going on Pirates of the Caribbean and sitting in the front row, I need to clean the hem and replace some of the beading, and finish the beading on the bodice because it is suppose to go on all around the bodice not just in the front there.

So I put Elsa aside and devoted all my time to commissions and midterms. First to get out was a Jane Porter costume from Tarzan since my friend needed it for a cast member costume party on October 20th. Jane was a costume I had wanted to make for myself, so I took this as good practice for when I make my own....if I ever get there.

Jane. One of my favorite female Disney protagonists.

 Next to be completed was Mary Poppins from Mary Poppins, and the costume from when you first see her. Once more this was a costume I wanted to make for myself so I took this as good practice once more. I even knitted that first scarf I've ever knitted. I have yet to receive a picture of my friend wearing it though so that will come later.

Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins (1964) was the first movie I remember seeing

Last of my commissions was Flynn Ryder, well really it was Eugene Fitzherbert since he wanted the outfit from the very end of Tangled. He actually requested this costume some months before because his girlfriend had received a Rapunzel costume from me. So I watched that like five seconds of Tangled on repeat till I could make out every detail of the costume.

 Pascal, Rapunzel and Eugene Fitzherbert

And once I finished his costume I discovered that I had half a day to make my own Halloween costume of Molly Hooper from Sherlock. I had put her on my list of cosplays to make but didn't think I would make it so soon, but alas I did. The jacket I bought due to time constraints, but I made the badge and the shirt, and I never took a full picture but I just wore some dress pants I have.

I found when I was wearing the ruffled shirt without the jacket, it was very annoying, but once I put the jacket on I really sort of felt like Molly. It is amazing what a costume can do, and that is why I love cosplaying because costumes really can transform you.

"I thought it was a big improvement. Your mouth's too small now."

 Poor Molly
And for Halloween I went to my screenwriting class, where there were only two of us in Halloween Costumes, me and a girl came as Annie Hall.

Then to my critical film studies class where no one was dressed up except for me. Then I drove an hour and half in traffic to my parents house where I worked a paper due at midnight and fell asleep watching Damien: Omen II. So not a very good Halloween, but I now have a Molly Hooper costume thatI love to death and really didn't want to take it off last night.


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