Thursday, 7 November 2013

How do you Thorsday?

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Happy Thorsday.

Today is the day in which I will be seeing Thor: The Dark World. AMC once again is having its Marvel Movie Marathon; I attended the Iron Man one when Iron Man 3 came out and it was fun even if I had to endure Iron Man 2 again. Today they are once again doing that only with Thor so they will be showing Thor, The Avengers, and Thor: The Dark World. Before these movies, I would want to watch the ones that came before first so this kind of saves me the trouble of finding time to do some, plus you get stuff.

Really I keep going to these just because of being able to see The Avengers on a big screen again, I will always attend a movie theatre screening of The Avengers.

So how will I get ready for this Thor's Day?

-I made two Loki inspired shirts, one for me and one for my friend, to wear.

When I first saw the very first trailer released there wasn't much information in regards to the story to me so I didn't really care but when I got to the end of the trailer when they finally revealed Loki all I could think was how much I liked his shirt. It was green, which is my favourite colour so I'm immediaetly drawn to anything that is green, it was lightweight and flowed well, the fabric looked somewhat futurist, and with the Asgardian zipper trim it made it more interesting.

Photo: Loki inspired shirt complete. Happy Thorsday.

I tried to make an exact copy but when I was dying the fabric to get the same brilliant green as in the film it never quite got there, no matter how many times I tried, so I found this other knit fabric that was green and black striped and had this gold speckling over the front. It was the best I was going to get and it was very Loki so I went with it and cut and made the shirt the same as in the film.

-Probably going to get some Avengers fruit snacks.

I always had these for lunch back when I worked at Disneyland, I put them in my metal Avengers lunchbox (sometimes I even made shawarma for lunch). There were Iron Man fruits snacks out for the last marathon that my friend brought, but I brought Avengers fruits snacks. So I shall see if I can find some again for this marathon.

-Other snacks? I don't really have time to attempt to make any other snacks to smuggle into the movie theatre because I have class right before, also I've been doing a lot of baking and stuff recently and my mum wouldn't be happy if I made more sweet things. But if I did have time I would make Thor Pudding!

It was something I created during an Avengers' party that I had. I created a 'dish' inspired by each of the characters in The Avengers and for Thor I made this mocha pudding. It is dark chocolate pudding with some coffee added to it, because Thor is rich and likes coffee. ANOTHER! It is also really tastey, so if I had the time I would make that but I don't think I can get away with making it, we'll see how crazy I feel like being after class.


Okay so there isn't that much to do to get ready for today and the marathon, but how much can you honestly do to get ready to sit in a movie theatre for 8ish hours? I mean I am a master of sitting in theatres, that is what happens when you study cinema, and typically I just go in and sit and try not to fall asleep. Last time I designated Iron Man 2 as my nap time movie so this time I'm designating Thor as my nap time movie because I was up late finishing the trim on those shirts and I've seen that film many a time.

So happy Thorsday and later I shall write a review for the new Thor movie. My expectations based off of what I've heard is to not take it as a serious movie like Iron Man 3, someone is going to die (someone better), and Loki sure as hell better get back at Jane Foster for slapping him- the guy hates mortals and one slaps him, yeah he shouldn't let her get away with that. Also, since the director came from Game of Thrones, I want some really epic battle sequences.

This shall be interesting.


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