Friday, 8 November 2013

Flashback Friday: The Fifth

Since today is the official domestic release date for Thor: The Dark World, I thought I would share not one but TWO Thor related stories- because, you know, this is the second Thor movie so this day deserves two stories.

Both are short in length, which is another reason why I decided to tell two.

Story One: Mother is Not Amused

My mum and I were walking around in Target and we had made our way to the Halloween section. It was a few weeks before this joyous holiday so we decided to see what treats they had. Of course I had to go and look at the costumes they had out, just to see, and I was hoping to play with some of The Avenger's props since the movie had come out earlier that year and it was the big costume choice for kids this Halloween.

Avengers halloween.. I think...I totally died laughing
The aisles were somewhat messy, which happens a lot and is to be expected but I still found the props. I amused myself with the Hulk fists and the Captain's shield till my mum came over and I was holding Mjolnir. She just sort of looked at me and knew I was going to want one of these things.

Mjolnir by Meguro Bonin *

"No," she said. I still held the hammer and smiled at her.

"Put the hammer down." Oh dear mother what have you done?

"You want me to put the hammer down?" She set it up so perfectly how could I not resist?

Putting Mjolnir down might be a bit hard for him, cause like Tony said, "He loves his hammer."
After that statement she just gave me this look that showed she was not amused and that I was not allowed to get started. So I put the hammer back where I found it and we resumed our shopping.

"It is only $10," I tried.


No, not amused at all.

Story Two:  California Driving

First, this one has music to help the story:

My friend and I were returning from WonderCon 2013 in Anaheim back to our homes in Northern California. This was the second year that WonderCon was held in Anaheim; the first year I was living down there so I just walked to the con after work (people gave me weird looks as I walked through it in my World of Colour costume). The second year I was back up North so I drove us down and back and on the return trip we left during the evening so most of the drive home was at night.

For those that don't know, most of California is farmland and golden hills with lots and lots of cows. you know those happy cow commercials, yeah, those cows, everywhere...and they smell. So for about 4-5 hours of the 6-7 hour drive down there all you see is farmland, hills, and cows which gets really boring.

On this particular drive home it was crazy windy, so I had fun trying to stabilize the car. We were in some flat farmland area and we were listening to the Thor soundtrack (having already gone through Avengers, Danny Elfman, Disney, and my special WonderCon playlist) when it starts to rain. It wasn't heavy rain just light rain.

Then it got significantly better. Out of the corner of our eyes there was a flash of light, we couldn't tell if it was lightening or not. But then there was another flash from behind us that I saw in the mirror and it was lightening! Soon there was lightening flashing from all around that area, just not really close to our area, we were surrounded but not in any danger. The rain would come and go and the lightening eventually stopped since we had driven out of that area, but with the music, that made driving through California seem really, really cool.

It was probably the most epic drive I've ever been on just because of that. It was perfect timing and 100% amazing. We still recall it to this day with fondness, like we did last night after we finished watching the Thor Marathon.


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