Saturday, 23 November 2013

Creepy Computer Screensaver

Happy 50th Doctor Who!

Here is a creepy way to add more Doctor Who in your life. It will not just freak out Doctor Who fans but in general it is just freaky so others will befall the terror that is the Doctor Who monster.

Step One!
Make a folder in where ever you keep your files and label it something so that you will recognize it (like D.W. Screensaver).

Step Two!
Add the five photos on this page to that photo and make sure they are in order (label them 1-5).

Step Three!
Go to your computer's preferences or system operations or whatever you wish to call it and locate where to personalize your wallpaper/screensaver settings.

Step Four!
Go to the screensaver settings and choose to use your own photos. Add that folder you created as where to get your new screen saver photos from. Then be sure to click settings so that there isn't any moving or zooming on the picture when it is displayed in screen saver mode and make sure they show the pictures in numerical order on full screen.

Step Five!
Save settings and the next time you leave your laptop or desktop for a period of time and it goes to screensaver mode...enjoy! (Just remember, don't blink).


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