Sunday, 1 December 2013

Dickens Fair Dark Garden Corset Model

The festive fair known as the Dickens Fair is upon the Bay Area once more where the streets of Victorian London are brought to the Cow Palace and Dicken's classic characters come out to play.

Here, there is a shop, some might know it as the corset shop, others by its proper title of Dark Garden Corset Shop, either way it is a place to buy proper ladies undergarments and to oodle at beautiful mechaniques in the front windows who will gladly display these corsets for sale.

As you may or may not know, I am a performer at Dickens Fair and decided that this year I shall lend my skills and model some corsets myself. Since I was new to the game I had my audition during the first weekend of fair (just last weekend) and I do believe it went rather well.

We pick a theme for our window and wear clothing that looks Victorian to fit with the theme. I made my bloomers, chemise, and arm guards to fit with my theme and our wonderful model wrangler supplied a corset that matched my theme the best.

We are also allowed props to help us with poses and to help portray our themes to the others on the other side of the window.

But you don't have to be tied down to the props they are only there to help.

Can you guess my theme yet?

Yes it was Loki, mainly because I had green fabric to make my other pieces of clothing for this so it just seemed to work and several props of my own that would fit. And it helped me with my poses by drawing inspiration from poses he's done. But I did try to focus more on mythological Loki than Marvel Loki mainly because that is Victorian. My one really distinct mythological Loki pose was my last one.

Involving snake venom (the best I could portray given what I had). If there was a horse plush and a wolf plush I would have placed those on the chair too but alas they did not have those and I don't have any either.

Next Sunday I shall be doing my last window (only signed up to do two my first time round) and my theme is something I'm sure you all will recognize it will be familiar but a Victorian spin.


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