Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Happy 50th Cake

Last Saturday we celebrated my father's 50th Birthday. It was a grand affair with lots of food, lots of people, and of course, I made the cake for this joyous event.

When I first asked my father what type of cake he wanted he only said vanilla cake with strawberries, but the design was left up to me. I was just going to default to a Frontierland themed cake from Disneyland since that is his favourite but then I started brainstorming with my mum and I think I just mentioned a Breaking Bad cake and that led to making the RV. The 1986 Fleetwood Bounder RV used in the show.


My father loves Breaking Bad, as do I and my brother, my mother is kind of indifferent to it as far as I can tell, same with The Walking Dead. I almost made him a Walking Dead cake, but I had already done one and he wasn't as into the show as he was into Breaking Bad. The RV was sort of a natural choice because it can easily be sculpted from cake and it is a classic image from the show.


As I was working on the cake, my father guessed that it was a car of some sort because of the base shape so I joked and told him it was a delorean, and when it didn't turn out to be a delorean he was kind of depressed by that but that had more details to it than this RV and I did not have that much time to work on this cake.

I tried to get as many details in there as possible, I couldn't get the mirrors to stay so the clothes hangers are hanging on the ladder, and the awning was not staying on so I just got rid of it because I ran out of time to try and secure it. Also there are no bumpers or headlights, or a license plate, which people gladly pointed out to me but I honestly ran out of time. Things I did accomplish was the painting, 'blue meth', the wheels, the dirt, the bullet holes in the door (that no one notice till I mentioned that I got that piece).

It isn't as perfect as I would have liked it to be but considering the amount of time I had I think I did a pretty decent job. Also the elements on his name plate are hydrogen, bismuth, and protacinium.



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