In case any of you wanted to know a little more about me here is some basic, boring information.

I am a cinema student at San Francisco State University with an emphasis in screenwriting. While it is very fun and I love both movies and writing, my passion and future dream job is still in the pastry world and once I graduate I shall pursue that career and attend culinary school.

Additionally, I am also a cosplayer, seamstress, and costume designer by hobby mostly. My 'business' is called Evil Queen Seamstress and I make costumes and the occasional bridesmaid dress for friends and various other contacts. I have been cosplaying since 2006 and I love both making the costumes and wearing them. I've always enjoyed performing, even if I don't consider myself an actor, I just love wearing something normal people don't wear and becoming someone else. Because I am not an actor I usually cosplay characters with a similar personality to me.

Past jobs have included several student films working on sound, editing, special effects make up and various other cinema areas as well as a cake decorating internship at a bakery for a summer and participating in the Disney College Program in Disneyland where I worked as an attractions cast member in A Bug's Land for eight months in 2012. Currently my only 'job' is my seamstress 'business'.

Charlotte's Web

Growing up I read a lot of books. Every book, all books, books all the time. So when I was little I read E.B. White's Charlotte's Web and I loved it. I adore spiders and this was a story about a spider with the same name as mine! Then I entered kindergarten and kids started teasing me about it, but they weren't that familiar with the book, they got the teasing from their parents. Yes even the parents were saying such clever things like 'hey, Charlotte, where's your web?'. Needless to say that I began to dislike the book from the teasing I got. Eventually the teasing stopped in relation to that book but then it came back in third grade when it was a required reading book in class and the onslaught of Charlotte spider jokes returned.

Since then I always disliked this book I once loved and even in college as I introduced myself people would still make what they would deem as witty remarks in regards to the relation of that book and my name. But last year something changed where I decided to rekindle my love for this book and not let any of those taunts and teases sway me from my love. My mum bought me a Charlotte's Web shirt. She thought it was funny, I thought it was cruel because she knew I didn't like it. Then I thought about it differently and started wearing the shirt and everyone loved it. Instead of people laughing at me they were now laughing with me because I learned to embrace the joke. I even took it a step further when I was participating at Dickens Fair and I had to think of a Victorian name. My first name was perfectly appropriate but my last name was not, so my fellow Coventry Carolers suggested Miss Charlotte Web, and I couldn't resist.

That is why I decided my blog shall share the same name as that wonderful book.

Additionally, Charlotte the spider used her web to promote her friend, a pig, and to show how great he truly was, and I shall do the same. I will not only use this web to write down any thoughts plaguing my mind, but I shall also use it to shamelessly promote people whose work deems worthy of getting their name out there, even if it might already be out there.


They say you can tell a lot about a person from their favourite Disney movies so here are mine:
Peter Pan
Alice in Wonderland (original)

[They are also both extraordinary books that every child and adult should read to test out their imaginations.]

And here is a list of things that I might post about and most probably will:

Breaking Bad
Comic Books
DC Comics
Doctor Who
Harry Potter
Lord of the Rings
Sherlock Holmes
Star Trek
Star Wars
The Walking Dead
Video Games

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