Since 2006, I have been pursuing an interest in cake decorating and all around pastry. I fully intend to attend a culinary school once I graduate from my current university. In 2011, I completed a cake decorating internship during the summer and improved my skills. These photos are most of the cake's I've made, and some of them are from the time that I was an intern.

Breakfast in Bed- Mother's Day
Miyazaki Baby Shower

Father's Day Hamburger

Anime Birthday

Lord of the Rings Birthday

Sushi Birthday

Golden Snitch- Going Away

Mountain Dew Livewire- Graduation

Mini Batman- Birthday

Superhero Birthday

Doctor Who Graduation

Wine Barrel Birthday

Pink Present Birthday

Aladdin Birthday

Pink Princess Birthday

Finding Nemo birthday

Black and White Musical Birthday

Hello Kitty Birthday

Baby Shower

Walking Dead Birthday

Tiara Birthday

Batman Birthday

Sorcerer's Apprentice Birthday

50 Present Birthday

Sakura Birthday

Smurf House

Cutting Board Birthday


Disneyland Candy Palace

Breaking Bad RV Birthday

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