Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Following in the footsteps of Dr John Watson from the BBC television show Sherlock, I have decided to create a blog where I write about different things in my life. Unlike him though, I was not instructed to do this by a therapist and my posts surely won't be nearly as interesting as his because my roommates are rather stereotypical and mundane.

I am a proud geek. A geek is someone who is passionate about a specific thing- a very basic definition. I am a geek in multiple things from Disney to Shakespeare so you can expect a wide variation of muses for my posts, all which will reflect something I am thinking about or experienced recently in my life.

Hopefully readers shall find it interesting and friends can keep tabs about what is going on in my mind- a rather scary place to dwell- but more importantly, so I can keep tabs about what is going on in my mind. So while a therapist might not have told me to create this blog, they might as well have because it will no doubt help me observe my life and realize just how much of my time is occupied by...really geeky thoughts.

So enjoy and feel free so share your thoughts as well in the comments.


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