Friday, 4 October 2013

Flashback Friday: The First

So every Friday I decided that I shall tell a geeky story of something that happened in my past that I still love telling today. Some will before from childhood, while others might be from a year ago, but they shall all be, hopefully, entertaining stories to read.

This particular one comes from childhood, I was either five or six at the time and I was in love with the Star Wars movies- not much really has changed in that aspect. When I was little I use to hang out with my cousins all the time. Now there are six of us but back then- up until four years ago- there were five of us: my brother and me, then our three cousins. My brother and our oldest cousin were close to the same age so they usually went off to do...whatever and my only female cousin and I were close in age so we always went off to do whatever, then my youngest cousin would follow along behind the boys because the little guy was of the same gender as them.

There are plenty of interesting tales I shall tell you about my female cousin, Hana, and me, but all in due time, for now I shall tell you my Star Wars story. I've retold her this story and she doesn't remember it, but I do and I think it is something that shall forever remain in my head.

It was probably the first time I watched Star Wars, it was at least new to me. I don't remember the exact feeling, though I wish I could because you can never go back to the moment when you are introduced to something that will shape your life for the first time; the first time you read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, the first time you smell a new book, the first time you eat a cookie- they all have the same feeling that you wish you could experience again. I fell in love with Star Wars immediately, I'm not too sure what it was about it but it just captivated me and was stuck in my head and I could remember the story very clear. My favourite image, and still is to this day, then Luke Skywalker is looking at the two sons of Tatooine setting. That is engraved into my skull and is as ever present now as it was when I was little.

Anyway on with the actual story. I was having a play date with my cousin, I could have sworn it was at our old house when we lived in Albuquerque, NM but others say that I was after we moved to Northern California, but either way we were playing together. The boys weren't around I don't think, a lot of the other details are fuzzy but the main part is our trying to deal with the fact that there was only one main female character in Star Wars. I'm a pretty persuasive person, usually though a cleverly concocted string of lies with a hint of acting tossed in, and I was trying to convince my cousin to be 3CPO so I would be free to be Princess Leia. When we were little the big playtime activity was to take our favourite movies and re-enact them, and Star Wars was not going to escape this.

Princess Leia. Such a classy character.

There was a lot of back and forth about who go to be Princess Leia when finally we both just got angry with each other and said that we both were going to be Leia. So we both put on clothes similar to hers and began to re-enact Star Wars with two Leia's. Sadly, I don't remember much else, but I do remember my cousin being slightly confused through the whole thing. I don't think she was as familiar with it as I was but she knew it enough to fight for her right to be the Princess.

It isn't a very long tale, but I find it amusing so I hope you would too. There are many more, better, stories to come every Friday and I hope you like this glimpse into my geeky childhood.

And despite all our battles, we are still great friends and better cousins.


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