Friday, 4 October 2013

Baking Season!

Of course, as someone who dreams of eventually being a pastry chef, baking season is all the time, but fall and winter are the unofficial- or maybe even official- baking seasons, and fall is near here and winter is coming.
winter is coming ! wow
Yes I purposefully worded that sentence a little strangely just to do a Game of Thrones quote.

I am feeling the baking spirit this weekend. I also had a friend come to me and admit that she Facebook stalked me and found all of my food pictures on there that I've made and she urged me to quickly become a pastry chef and open a shop so she could buy everything. With the praise and the season I returned to my parents home where there is non-failing internet and a large kitchen to bake.

First I made some...

Way to dumb it down there, Tom.

...Yes, I made some delayed gratification. That is the new name for chocolate-chip cookies.

Then I made some sugar cookies in cliche Halloween shapes, but I have yet to decorate them so I won't post a picture of those.

Next I had to get more pumpkin in me, because it is pumpkin season and pumpkin is pretty much my favourtie thing ever because it can be both sweet and savory. I could list off all the things you can do with pumpkin and I bet it would be longer than Bubba's shrimp list.

So I made some gluten free pumpkin bread with a nut crumble on top. It needed a bit more spice to it, but overall a great start to the pumpkin season.

And lastly I shall share with you a recipe that I've grown up with. I'm not sure where it originated, I think from my grandmother, but it is very simple and very delicious.

Holiday Apple Cider

Apple Juice
Oranges (depends on how much apple juice. About 2 oranges for a gallon).
Whole Cloves

1. Puncture oranges with the whole cloves. 10-15 cloves per orange.
2. Pour apple juice into a large pot and add oranges.
3. Put on simmer for an hour so the orange/clove flavour gets incorporated into the apple juice.
4. Serve warm.

 And this is only the beginning- and only one day. For now I shall enjoy my mug of cider while watching The Hollow Crown- Henry IV Part 2.


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