Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Dancing with the Stars: Good bye, Bill Nye

I have been watching ABC's Dancing with the Stars the past couple of seasons just because I've always found ballroom dancing entertaining to watch. It surely isn't for the stars because I would know maybe two of them, if I was lucky.

This season was no different except that one star that I knew the most was someone who taught me many things. Of course I am talking about Bill Nye the Science Guy! He, combined with 'The Magic School Bus', taught me so much about science and my basic understanding of this world came from those two shows. I follow him on Facebook but didn't really hear much about what he was up to recently until that one day when they announced who was to be on the new season of 'Dancing with the Stars'. People kept saying Bill Nye was going to be on there and I didn't believe it so I went and looked it up for myself and low and behold the news was true. I had to watch the new season.

During the first week, I quite loved the sparkly lab coat and accompanied dance to 'Weird Science', even though I feel Mr. Nye's dancing during his first meeting with his partner Tyne was better than his actual performance. Everyone showed their support for their favourite science guy and brought him back for a second performance. I was thrilled because I really wanted to see what other, geeky dances could be thought up.

Then that fateful second week came around and sadly my favourite part of his performance was the powdered wig and the classical music. But far more serious issues were afoot than his dance, and despite the possible pun, it wasn't his foot that was the issue.

Bill Nye is the type of guy who, despite injury and against the better judgment of a doctor, would dance no matter what, not just for himself but for his dance partner as well. Well in week three he did dance, a cleverly crafted dance to Daft Punk with a robotic theme to accommodate his unbending knee.

And he did go home, but our love for him will not falter. He might not be the best dancer, but he has style and fun performances only a geek can pull off. In all honesty, I think it was best that he went home because if he remained he would continue to dance with the possibliity of injuring himself further and tearing the rest of his tendon. It was sad to see him go, but now he can recover and rest without the stress of a dance competition on his mind.

Get better soon, Bill Nye. The world still loves you and your dancing.


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