Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A Relief

Last Saturday, while procrastinating on school work, I found myself on BuzzFeed- a place I usually find myself when procrastinating. I opened up the 'entertainment' section and found a posting about Tom Hiddleston. I have found that usually BuzzFeed is obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch pretty much at an incorrect, scary level, so seeing a post about Hiddleston interested me in just how weird they are going to make things. Let me tell you, it got weird.
Only one time have I witnessed the horror that is Tumblr, particularly in reference to a Tom Hiddleston search (a friend was showing me a picture- I was tricked into it!), and therefore I know just how scary some fans can get. I wish I could say that a dying wish to bear his children was the worst thing I saw on Tumblr but alas it was not and I'd rather not re-live it, just know that it ended with me thinking:

Anchorman well that escalated quickly 966.jpg

 It is just that Hiddleston fans seem to hold the guy at the height of perfection, and I understand where they are coming from. He is very handsome, definitely falls into my description of ideal guy- lean, tall, geeky, manners (i.e. Benedict Cumberbatch, David Tennant, Cillian Murphy, Conan O'Brien)- an amazing actor, and he's British.
Bahahaha totally <3
a true gentleman

But sometimes I feel like they see him as so perfect that when he does something that isn't good, they'll think it is still amazing anyway. To fully explain, this BuzzFeed 'article' was posted after his recent trip to Korea. Hiddleston has been touring the Eastern Hemisphere to promote the release of his new movie, Thor: The Dark World. While in Korea he obviously did interviews and press releases and things like that but he also made a guest appearance on SNL Korea. For those that don't know, SNL is short for Saturday Night Live, which is an American sketch style comedy show filmed in New York. Well apparently Korea has their own version, with writers that are just as awkward as the American ones, and Hiddleston participated in a sketch during it before doing an interview.

I'm guessing at the interview he was asked questions in regards to it because on this BuzzFeed 'article' they went crazy over footage of him doing the dance from the sketch:

And I'm guessing just for kicks and giggles they asked him to sing as well (once more covered in the same BuzzFeed 'article').


And the fans went wild. We can tell because the BuzzFeed 'article' was entitled 'Tom Hiddleston Defies All Odds And Does His Most Amazing Thing Yet'. Further proof is supplied when you read some of the comments left at the bottom of the 'article'.

Here is my impressions of what I witnessed on this 'article'. His dancing was quite reminiscent of the 11th Doctor's drunken giraffe style while his singing would most probably earn some snarky comment from Simon Cowell. In other words, his dancing was litterally all over the place and his singing was just bad. Now his dancing I don't really care too much about, since I love the Doctor's drunken giraffe, all limbs dance style, but the singing. People keep asking him to sing, and so far it has always been strained and not very good.


BUT there is no denying that Tom Hiddleston is a superb actor. I've seen majority of what he has been in and he owns each role perfectly from Africa Boy Bill Hazeldine in Suburban Shootout to Henry V in The Hollow Crown. Each one you forget that is it Hiddleston because he has such a great grasp of the character and you really believe that he is them. And frankly, I think him being that amazing of an actor really doesn't need to be combined with other things like singing and dancing. Sure he is no triple threat and we probably won't see him in any Broadway, or West End, musical, but that is all right by me.

awwwIn all honesty, it is relief that he can't sing and can't really dance because no one can be that perfect, it would be inhuman and that would open up a whole alien can of worms. So, instead of people continuing to ask him to sing, I would much rather, in an interview, ask him to act because it is always fascinating to see a genius at work.

But if he ever did sing, the only thing I would want him to sing, now that he's been to Korea, is this: 



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