Friday, 18 October 2013

Flashback Friday: The Second

I know I said I would post a humorous geeky story from my past every Friday and then last Friday I didn't but in my defense this is what I did last Friday: woke up early, drove down to Disneyland, was at Disneyland till midnight, drove home- and being from Northern California, driving there is an all day affair.

So in honour of my Disneyland trip last Friday, I shall share a story from when I worked at Disneyland. I love this story and I love these kids and this really is parenting at its best.

I was working a closing shift at Flik's Fun Fair in A Bug's Land and I was standing at the greeter position for Tuck and Roll's Drive 'em Buggies. This is a particularly boring job at night towards park closing because hardly anyone is in Bug's Land, usually at World of Colour or the Disneyland Fireworks, or eating dinner, so usually you have to find ways to entertain yourself so you don't actually look bored.

It was about half an hour till park closing and I was getting a little tired of just standing there so I focused my attention on the water spigot that was right in front of me showering water around its surrounding area. Out of the corner of my eye, coming over from Francis' Ladybug Boogie, I saw this blue light flashing around. I had worked in Bug's Land for six months by this point so I know the typical night lights that lit up the area and this blue light was not one of them. Thankful for the distraction I look over and see two young kids, one boy and one girl, fighting over a blue lightsaber- the boy was winning. The mum was attempting to move them towards my attraction as they conitnued to fight and after she parked the stroller she finally had enough of their struggle and shouted their names- their real names.

"Luke! Leia! Stop!" The mother continued to talk to them and got the boy, now known as Luke, to put the lightsaber away and headed in my direction to enter the ride. My mind was going a million miles a minute as I tried to process this and that is when I realized that they looked very similar in height (which was tall enough to ride) and in age. I knew they weren't old enough to ride by themselves but I could not resist asking anyway.

"Hey bugs! And how old are you two?"

They were too interested in the ride behind me to answer so their mum covered it.

"They're twins, they're both four."

They're twins.


With a huge smile on my face I beckoned the family into the ride with instructions that they would both have to ride with an adult, which was no problem since the father came running over from somewhere else and they made their way up in the queue.
Man in Vader suit runs mile in 129-degree heat
I wish I could have shaken the hands of those parents so that some of their parenting skills would rub off on me, just so I could have the skills not that I'd ever really use them. They have twins, one a girl and one a boy, and they name them Luke and Leia, and I first noticed them because they were fighting over a blue lightsaber.

Let's just say that made my night and is one of my favourite Disneyland stories that I have to tell.


Parenting done right

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