Thursday, 19 December 2013

Fish Fingers and Custard

fish fingers and custard

On the Day of the Doctor, after watching that glorious episode, I went to the store and bought custard powder. I already had the frozen fish sticks having bought them earlier in the week in preparation for this day. I had debated for a long time whether I actually wanted to try out fish fingers and custard and I felt the time had come.

But not until a week later. The idea was just off putting but as a loyal Doctor Who fan and running into many other loyal fans who had tasted it, I felt I just needed to know that flavour for myself.

On the day I actually prepared this 'dish' I had a cold so it might have been my sick brain going crazy, but I made the custard, it turned out amazing and very tasty. Other people have used vanilla pudding, but that really won't work for this because it is way too sweet. What is nice about this mix is that it isn't crazy sweet it is creamy and smooth (should you mix it correctly) and the hint of sweetness makes it a dessert and not a sauce.

Then I baked the fish sticks until they were golden brown and delicious. I use to be a fan of fish sticks (fingers, whatever) when I was younger and now that I've had them again, they might grow back on me. They were crispy and the fish was flaky yet firm and held up nicely.

Now the time to put the two together. They were plated nicely, and I stared at the plate for a while before reaching out and hesitently dipping a fish finger into the custard and bringing it to my mouth.

There are three things that I've had in my life that I've had the same taste bud confusion to. The first was the dill pickle flavoured popcorn available in Carsland at the Cozy Cones. They didn't taste like dill pickle and I didn't know what it tasted like and I'm still not sure whether I liked it or not, but I ate all of it because I was starving.

The second thing was a cider. Described to be more like a sour beer, it had the apple flavour in there but all the other flavours mixed in, plus the sour taste, just threw me for a loop and I kept drinking my sample because I couldn't tell if I liked it or not.

And the third is fish fingers and custard. Because the Bird's custard isn't ridiculously sweet it didn't taste all that strange with the fish. Had it been vanilla pudding I bet it would have been gross. The fish wasn't too salty so that didn't work against the custard either, this could vary depending on fish finger type. The custard added a creamy sauce to the crispy fingers so it balanced nicely in the texture department. I'm still not sure about the flavour since neither really has all that of a strong flavour in order to out shine the other. Overall, it is edible, and you know for someone not of this world, it could be their favourite thing ever, for me I'm okay not eating it together, but I'm not afraid to try it anymore should I have to.

Fish Fingers and Custard

Additionally, there is an Asian custard that is very eggy, I've had it from a Japanese market before, and it isn't sweet at all. In fact it has a bit of a salty taste to it. I bet that with fish fingers would be really good and would help bring forth the natural fish flavours in the fingers.

Fish fingers and custard?


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